"As kingfishers catch fire, dragonflies draw flame; / [ . . . ] Each mortal thing does one thing and the same: / Deals out that being indoors each one dwells; / Selves -- goes itself; 'myself' it speaks and spells, / Crying 'What I do is me; for that I came'." --Gerard Manley Hopkins

22 May 2006

Rain Dance

Reading on the porch Sunday morning in pleasant spring sunshine, I gradually became aware of distant rumblings of thunder and saw that the western sky held gradually darkening clouds. Slowly the thunder grew closer, slowly the grey darkened to charcoal and filled the sky, shutting out the sun and further cooling the air. At last the soughing of the rain moving across trees and lawns, at last the first agate-sized drops on the sidewalk, then the blanketing downpour driving me to salvage my book and watch from the doorway. Within minutes the sky lightening to grey again, rain a mere patter on the walk, thunder rumbling away, and trees dancing in the light-giving beauty.


Cassie Marie Bundy said...

beautiful. Some of my favorite memories from my freshmen year are of my friends and I, or just me, outside of Long listening to and watching the rain. I love the rain, especially at night. There's no better stress reliever I don't think. And me and the girls would go puddle jumping or play in the big puddles on the soccer field. That's how we celebrated the end of the year. We dunked each other in the puddle on the soccer field (it came above our ankles) and played duck-duck-goose in it. It was so much fun.

Cassie Marie Bundy said...

oh! and yes, the book does have "The Veldt" in it.

Megan said...

"...trees dancing in the light-giving beauty"

I love the way you transport your readers to the scene you describe. Some of my favorite memories involve playing in my grandparents' rambling old garden during spring showers, watching flowers turn their faces up to the rain.

alaiyo said...

Cassie and Megan -- It's such a treat to bring good memories to others with something one writes!

Cassie -- let me know what you think of "The Veldt" sometime.



GrumpyTeacher1 said...

Wow, that is neat.

amelia ruth said...

Oh the beauty of a summer rain. We had a delicious one earlier this month--the sky couldn't make up its mind and one moment it was hailing and the next the sun was out. I do love dark clouds; in moderation, of course!

I can't wait til the wedding's done, when I can devote serious time to that story of mine. Still, though, wedding planning has been almost boring; I spent the morning reading "Holy the Firm" (which my mom got from the library booksale and refuses to give to me even though she doesn't actually like Dillard) and having breakfast with Eddie. Ah this life of leisure!

Anonymous said...

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