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07 August 2010

Angioma Alliance

For those who are interested, here's an excellent site for information on cavernous angiomas:

This page in particular explains symptoms:


The Masked Chicken said...

Dear Beth,

You do know that I have a cavernous angioma, right? Mine is in the brainstem. I don't have seizures, but the possibility of death is higher. I would be willing to discuss angiomas by e-mail if you want. The Angioma Alliance is a good site. They have a chat room, as well.

Your daughter has her angioma in an expressive part of the brain, which is why she has seizures. Bolld is toxic to brain tissure. The iron metabolizes to hemisidrin, which is conductive material and causes the neurons to short out and go into a choatic firing patter. The seizure is thought to be a type of resetting mechanism. Just like a defibrillator sends current to the heart when it is in chaotic firing (fibrillating) causing the body to seize and reset, the brain does the same thing to reset the firing patterns of the neurons in the area. The brain wave patterns become very slow and regular during the seizure. They are usually slightly chaotic just before that. That is my understanding of the current state of understanding. I do mathematical modeling of brain processes, although I don't do work in siezure modeling.

The Chicken

alaiyo said...

MC, I did not know that. God bless you for contacting me. I would very much like to ask some questions and get any information you might be able to give us.

Can you email me? alaiyo 52 (at) gmail (dot) com -- no spaces anywhere.