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26 April 2011

Prayer Request

I have posted before about our older daughter's difficulties with an angioma: a cluster of blood vessels in the brain that bleed occasionally and, in her case, cause seizures. She has had some grand mal seizures in the past year, and today she saw a neurosurgeon who strongly recommended that she have surgery to remove the angioma. It has enlarged and has been bleeding inside itself, causing the greater pressure on the brain tissue that brings on the seizures. The more times this happens, the higher the chance that the angioma will hemorrhage.

Brain surgery is a serious and frightening thing. Davina's angioma is located in the motor skills part of her brain which affects the left side of her body. Surgery could cause a loss of strength on that side of the body, and of course there are many possible side effects. We would so appreciate prayers as she finalizes this decision.

If you are interested in knowing more about angiomas, the Angioma Alliance site is very helpful.



LuCindy said...

You know she--and you--have our prayers for wisdom and guidance and the discernment to hear it, both for her and for her doctors.

Much love. Much, much love.

Alissa said...

Praying for you and yours, Dr. Impson.


Beth Impson said...

Thank you, Alissa dear.

Oh, LuCindy, you know where I am right now. Thank you, dear heart friend. The worst of it is not being able to be there. Thank you!!!!!

R. Yates said...

Dr. Impson, I will be praying for your daughter and family.

Beth Impson said...

Thank you, Rob. It is always so encouraging to see the family of the faithful reach out to even those family members they don't know.